Zina Bahrou began to draw the age of four. During the first few years of her life, her family lived in numerous places including Iraq, Jordan and Australia before settling in the United States. As the family moved around the world, Zina developed her drawing technique, capturing on paper many of the new and exciting places she saw.

When she turned eighteen, Zina enrolled at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI where she earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Graphic Design. Zina first discovered a love for stained-glass while living with relatives in Sydney, Australia. Under the supervision of her cousin, Robert Francis, Zina created a decorative lampshade, her first stained-glass piece, in 1996.

Upon returning to the Detroit area, Zina continued learning about stained glass, taking several classes and eventually becoming an apprentice to Jeff Warmuth, a respected Detroit-area glass master. She began producing stained glass art in 1999 and received her first commission in 2000. In addition to stained glass, Zina has recently begun experimenting with glass fusing and blowing.


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